New minibike-and-other-projects-workshop project.

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While the pandemic was going on, I decided to start building a new garage in my backyard, here in Netherlands. Because the building process here in Netherlands might differ from yours in USA, it might be interested fro some.
I build the new garage by myself and get help from my brother and others if needed.
I've made drawings, made the steel construction, layed bricks and learned a lot so far.

The current workshop/garage is 10 miles from my house, at my moms place. Which also has it's benefits, but a workshop right there where I live would be more comfortabel.
To clear some space at my property we started by removing an old conifer hedge and replace it with a new concrete/wood fence.

I've made video's of the new garage build.

Part 1 (design of new workshop):

Part 2 (making steel construction):

Part 3 (demolish little old shed):

Part 4 (pouring concrete foundation):

"Stay tuned"

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3 weeks of holiday, will be spend at my new garage/workshop.
I have made a brickwall for the toilet room and further I have made trim for the gutters, which have been placed, too.
Currently working on designing, drawing a shelter that will be added to the lefthand side of the new garage. It will be used to park the mopeds, bicyles, firewood, garden tools, etc.
Need to pour a concrete foundation for that and probably at the same time as concrete for the subfloor* is being delivered.
*Subfloor is 8cm of concrete, on top of that goes 10cm of PIR insulation and on top of that comes 10-12cm of concrete (with floor heating), which will be "polished" or as we (Dutch) call it: vlinderen.

An electrician is coming over after the holidays to see what would be the best options to power all equipment and if a heavier power connection from the grid is needed. I'm planning to get the Bridgeport mill (1800W) here, a lathe (???W), welding MIG/TIG, saw, compressor, coffee machine, etc... Some of them are 230V and some are 380V. 230V is "normal" power here in Netherland, which everyone has in house. It is 1 phase and zero. 380V is 3phase and zero. If I am correct.
My power connection to the grid is 3x25A, that would be enough for 17000Watts, that is including the house.
Lots to think over...
Stay tuned!

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Hello again,
Electrician came over for a quick inspection a while ago, there would be no need for a heavier power connection from the grid, that is if I do not use all heavy machines at once... Fingers crossed.
Since last update I have added gutters and finished roofing; video:

Also since last update; The shelter/addon is by now "finished". It just needs the final touches. The concrete for the shelters foundation I mixed/made myself and not as suggested in last update together with the subfloor of the garage.
Video of building the shelter/garage addon:

Next on the to-do-list is the workshop floor. Insulated and heated concrete floor. First I have to dig for and install sewerage and waterpipes that will go under the floor. Also need to "scrape" 5 cm of ground out of the workshop otherwise the floor will get to high.
Well spent holidays, that will be.
Happy holidays!

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Well, it's been a while, but there's an update.
Sewer pipes have been placed underground, also gas- and waterpipes.
I leveled the ground and concrete has been poured for the 3 floors.
Now the final floor is is for the shelter/add-on and we have power troweled that one.
Inside the garage the base floor is poured with concrete and now I have to add 10cm insulation + floor heating before another layer of concrete (12cm) can be poured on top of that. This floor will be power troweled.
3rd floor (outside) is also poured with concrete and on top of that will come a layer (3-5cm) of sand/cement mix and finished with floor tiles.


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Installed: cabinets, electric wiring, LED lighting, doors.
Electric here in Netherlands is different as to in USA.
Mains power (single phase) here is 220-230V. That is used for most equipment and lighting.
I also have a 3 phase connection. That is 380V and used for heavier equipment.
Power is not hooked up properly, yet. Because there is an old garage that needs to be removed, before I can put the power lines in the ground from the new garage to my home connection.
Now lot of smaller things to finish, like tiling toilet and floor outside. Also want to replace the 2 seperate remotes for my electric hoist and trolley with 1 universal remote.
Here's a video so far:

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Hello mini bike enthousiasts,

By now my only left mini bike (General Lee) is at the new garage!
The older shed that was in the backyard has been demolished and several pipes have been installed, once the old shed was gone.
Gas, water, electricity, dual sewer pipes are in the ground and connected to the new garage.

32mm, approx 30mtr long PE gas line is installed and the heater has been working past winter, providing heat for the floor heating.

25mm Uponor flex pipe from my water meter in house to the garage.

One cable with 5x6MM2 cables inside. 6mm2 is about the same as 10 AWG, I guess. It is layed underground in a protective hose used for the purpose.

UTP cable, from my modem in house, to a accespoint in the garage. Now there's the same WIFI signal in house as in the garage in the backyard.

Dual sewer system:
We have a dual sewer system in the village. Meaning rain water (only rain water) is collected seperate from the dirty water (all others like: toilet, washing machine, bathroom, etc.).
All old sewerpipes have been replaced with new ones.

I also had the hoist installed, but I have replaced both remotes (hoist and trolley cart) with one single remote. Easier to operate.

Now I can lift things, mini bikes and other parts with a single remote.