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  • Hi I just stumbled on this sight and saw your comment looking for a bug flee .I noticed you are in Newport Im in Spokane and I have a real nice I believe 1961-1962? bug super flee its orange It has the original jumbo jrs and the original wheels missing the engine seat and tank .also missing the jack shaft I have completey refinished the frame ect. with automotive base coat clear coat orange its now a clean roller ready for a engine Im planning on posting it on ebay shortly If your interested please fell free to call me at 509-362-7268 thank you have a great day.
    I recently acquired a 65 super flea, from what i have been told. The frame has the welded on initial footpegs, it is missing the ones that bolt on and hinge? Not sure about this. I have the ability to load these in a plasma table and fabricate them myself, but i need some definite dimensions on the pegs. If you can help me at all it would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time, Ray
    They are common yet very desirable. Unlike Tacos their serial numbers do not tell you much. ScooterBoy is an excellent source on these. I have a bike like yours that I am collecting parts on with the hope of making it a Hodaka powered 1500SH. You have the tank and seat pan which are pricey to acquire. In other words, you have an excellent start and could do a HS 50 or Hodaka restore and be correct.

    I'm pretty new to this, is there somewhere I can find more infomon this little bike? Are these fairly common or something special?
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