No more welding smoke!

Tired of breathing crap when welding in your garage and you can't open the doors because it's too cold outside? Here's my solution:

This is a 1/3 hp blower installed on the ceiling of my garage, with 25 feet of 4" flexible aluminium pipe so I can collect smoke anywhere around the workbench. I simply put it within 8 inches of the area I am welding and all the smoke will be sucked out of the way and blown into the attic, where it then goes outside via natural ventilation.

When not in use, the pipe is hanged to the ceiling with a few hooks, keeping it out of the way.



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Nice post!

I'm sure your setup works well for what you're doing. These ventilation systems are especially good when welding galvanized steel!

We had these in the shop I worked at, but a "more industrial" version. It was a large hood over each acorn table.