Not a minibike...but an interesting go kart

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I know...not a minibike. But damn, this is cool. I just have no idea what it is and would like to find out. Looks Honda Odyssey-ish but that body is different. Looks old school. Any ideas?

Regards 85B83002-4693-495C-B3AC-5935A7F35C86.jpeg 85B83002-4693-495C-B3AC-5935A7F35C86.jpeg 657DF574-9E3D-42C5-9925-868B45B65756.jpeg 0B0C4BBD-14D1-434F-A6A4-0A20CF794980.jpeg D6ABDFDC-3021-438D-8F07-B0DD305599BE.jpeg
Those absolutely look like odyssey controls. I've never seen one with a body on it though. That thing would be sweet with a snowmobile engine in it.
I think it would be really cool with a big ''hi watt'' 48+ volt electric brushless set up, & a couple of high ''ah'' - 48v lipo brick packs run in parallel. :p
Also looks like it would be a lot easier to mount an electric set up, rather than an engine.
Think it would fly pretty good with the right electric set up & gearing.
Well, I know that the FL250 Odyssey used rectangular frame rails. I think it was the FL350 that went to a full tube frame, so it might be some aftermarket body shell for it.