oil type for honda clones (not brand )

we all have our favorite brands of oil

but what TYPE of oil do we use in the honda clones (hisun 196 and predator 212 etc)

for my Suzuki V strom (sv650) it has a wet clutch so you can not use typical automotive engine oils in it but must use certain types of oils ( i use rotella t6 full sythetic ) but must be a non apj oil type (does not have certain additives that cause the wet clutch to slip)

is an auto grade oil fine or even preffered? i would think with no wet clutch it would be...
so i just answered my own question......by you guessed it... a little R.T.F.M. ( read the f manual) it said 10w 30 to 20w 50 depending of course on operating temp..... and it does say SAE so i just answered my own question.....SAE (society or auto engineers) oil is fine......
Also what brand synthetic oil do you use? I always break a motor in using Non synthetic (read Dino) oil to seat the piston rings, after they are seated,I switch over to Mobile One synthetic 10 W 30 oil!
I do the same thing with break in, reg Dino Oil. After that, I switch to Full Synthetic. Gonna try out the Amazon Full Synthetic Oil after seeing the post and video here!
Changing the oil is more of a bigger deal than you'd think. These engines do not hold much. I change mine every five hours of running and it needs it.
I understand that oil is literally the life of the engine but doesn't that seem like a lot?
Looks like mines due for an oil change, it hasn't been changed for at least 20 hours.


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When I change the oil, the oil is very dark.It has done it's job. If the engine had an oil filter as the Generac engines do, I'd hold off a few more hours.
But oil,compared to engine repair parts and man hours is a lot cheaper.
No old oil is wasted. I heat my shop with a Waste Oil stove.
To make your oil last a bit longer, it's best to have as optimum an air filtration system
as you can get on your minibike. Sad to say many of the factory air cleaners are
about as good as it gets--usually a paper filter surrounded by a foam pre-filter.

The dirt that gets by the filter ends up in the crankcase oil.
So yes, changing the oil is filtering the oil.

I see a lot of videos of guys running without an air filter at all. :oops:


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I cheat a little. I do use the original air filter with the foam pre-filter ,but it has filter oil on it. At no time has it become so clogged that engine performance is effected. The oiled foam filter is good for about 25 miles of off road riding before it is cleaned again.
I've been using oiled foam or oiled stainless steel mesh filters for decades. So far,so good.
I’m not saying you don’t, but have you read any of Rapidrob’s threads? Guy goes on 30, 40, 50 mile rides in the heat bouncing over dusty trails. Hauling extra fuel and water too.
I’m just saying that he is changing the oil so often for good reason.
By all means if you think your oil needs to be changed just as often, go for it!
Modern detergent oils have a wonderful blend of additives that hold dirt and moisture (water) in suspension to prevent sludge from forming in the engines. When the oil gets black, it is saturated with dirt and soot and if you see it turning tan or brown it's saturated with water. Change the oil when you notice these colors or you may be in for serious damage to your engine. Think of clean oil as the guardian angel that protects your engine!