oil type for honda clones (not brand )

we all have our favorite brands of oil

but what TYPE of oil do we use in the honda clones (hisun 196 and predator 212 etc)

for my Suzuki V strom (sv650) it has a wet clutch so you can not use typical automotive engine oils in it but must use certain types of oils ( i use rotella t6 full sythetic ) but must be a non apj oil type (does not have certain additives that cause the wet clutch to slip)

is an auto grade oil fine or even preffered? i would think with no wet clutch it would be...
so i just answered my own question......by you guessed it... a little R.T.F.M. ( read the f manual) it said 10w 30 to 20w 50 depending of course on operating temp..... and it does say SAE so i just answered my own question.....SAE (society or auto engineers) oil is fine......
Also what brand synthetic oil do you use? I always break a motor in using Non synthetic (read Dino) oil to seat the piston rings, after they are seated,I switch over to Mobile One synthetic 10 W 30 oil!
I do the same thing with break in, reg Dino Oil. After that, I switch to Full Synthetic. Gonna try out the Amazon Full Synthetic Oil after seeing the post and video here!