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That has been suspected/speculated but not confirmed (as far as I know). He did admit to being Tommie, Carljohnson and Speedway mini bikes (usernames) in one of his rant threads that has been deleted.


When this popped up yesterday, I thought it was far too much of a coincidence, and the post looked reminiscent of one of Tommie's that he has made. And sure enough it was about a Speedway. Also, his profile is set so not just anyone can view it, as if they have something to hide....on a mini bike forum lol. To each their own.

The whole deal is just bizarre. This is a generally a very pleasant forum with very nice, helpful people, all here to collectively take part in a hobby we enjoy. For me, mini bikes are my mental happy place where drama is non existent so I was a bit taken back when I saw the recent, now deleted rant threads.