Original dumb and dumber mini bike


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If it's real it's a Taco they cut up and welded back together for the movie.

It's probably not the one in the movie but it's stunt double.


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I've heard before there were two bikes used in the movie. I suppose this could be the one that was attached to the trailer for filming them up close and the other one had the wheelie bars on the rear ?

Like someone else said, it would be impossible to prove without some sort of authenticity. That would be hard to prove since they only show the actual bike a couple of times and the angles aren't very favorable.

Ding Ding

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I would trade an 84 shagging wagon/sheepdog straight up for that hawg. Thing must get 50 mpg....heck even has room for 2 if a couple guys needed to get to a little place called Asssspen.