Original Steens Frijole for sale in Pa

Gonna offer it here a few days before Ebay. I'd rather not ship this because it has survived this way it's while life and I hate to disassemble it. However, if the right deal is made, I can be persuaded.
I'm guessing this was a kit bike but I'm no expert. It has the original 5" wheels with Firestone gum dipped tires in nice shape.
The engine is a H25 that absolutely purrs! Metal half tank is unmolested and factory brackets were used to swing it out of the way of the top bar.
The seat is original and as perfect as I've seen. The mount that was fabricated underneath to raise it will unbolt and the stock mount is still in place. You can put it back to stock in minutes. I left it this way because I thought it was so rare and genius that someone had the forethought not to hack or alter something, but adapt it.
Drum brake stops decent and operates smooth but....it's a drum brake.
The tool kit on the forks has spare plugs, master links, and a siphon hose!!
The drain/plumbing header looks right at home on this survivor!
I haven't smiled this much riding a Mini in awhile. I'm working on another purchase so this one can't stay.
I have never seen one this unmolested let alone on the East coast. If I have wrong info, I'm no expert on these so please correct me.
I'm very busy with life right now so please respond with PM sent here and send me a message. I will respond ASAP. $550 Cash or Paypal + 3% fee.


WOW unmolested. What a site to see. Back then people who made mods to their bikes without ruining original bike, was someone who had to earn every penny to purchase that bike. In my book. :thumbsup:

These are the only bikes I will now go after now. Even has the STP decal. :bowdown:

Glad to see it's not all about the money. SCORE! :censure:

KKK did you get it?
It's interesting you don't see the neck supports and gussets on these like you do with the other single down tube bikes like the Go Kart Cycle and Flexo.

I guess that welded/pinched tube design was stronger...:detective:


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Very nice Taco! That looks to be in great condition. I was obviously too slow on the draw....LOL Good score, will make a nice addition to the collection for sure!:thumbsup: