Painting a gas tank

I was lookin for a way too hang and paint my rupp tank and get full coverage even through the tank mount holes.

I needed to too spray it outside and move it indoors too dry and do it multiple times between color and clear coats obviously without touching it.

One thing ive learned over the years of tinkering and try to do any time i paint a visually important peice is to have the part positioned the way its is seen when mounted, so i didnt wanna spray the tank while its hanging upside down or vertically even though sometimes to get good coverage youll need it upside down.
Luckily dang near any tank has a area under the cap that coverage isnt super important.

So i figured i would share a pic of my simple easy way of hanging it securely and still be able too move it around easily.

I used 1/4 20 threaded rod and some appropriate sized washers, but if a larger tank is being painted you might want some larger threaded rod.


Like minds! also painted outside

After that long thoughtful stare at my prepped and ready tank, the idea came too me.
During the few min it took me too grab and set up the washers and snug them down and give the tank a little wobble test..
WOW WAS I ELATED that i thought of that.

But then during the painting process it occurred too me...
im not that brilliant,

At some point I must have seen a tank hung this way and pulled the thought out from way deep inside my gray matter.

Anyway i figured i was the only one too do it this way.

Certainly did work well though.
The key is to not get any paint on the top of the filler neck or it will bubble over time when gas splashes on it while ridding.

Now thats serious stuff there.
Thats the way to do it.

Earlier i wanted too say but missed some letters....

I knew i "wasn't" the only one too do it this way.