Picked up a big mini bike today, no clue what it is

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I see, I looked for hours the other night trying to figure out what it is [emoji23] tyvm for helping. Are the floorboards added on? They look like they are done well atleast. And is this a bike that holds a little value or was 200 too much? [emoji23]

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Looks like floor boards aren't original, but they look cool. I think the price was nice for a running mini
Thanks!!! I'm really excited about it. I know it's ugly but I think it's a really cool bike

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Just completed my Trailbuck, engine was missing, used a Honda GX160 5.5 horse retired from a tiller, tank was missing, used 3L motorized bicycle tank from EBay, back tire is Carlisle ATV knobby from farm store, runs great, 1st puller, tons of power. Mine was red also, went with Army look, sage green. And your bike isn't ugly, very cool! Good luck on restoration!


Thanks! I love the bike, it’s been my #1 rider since I got it. All I’ve had to do is maintain it, changed the gas tank and took all the stickers off.

That purple bike is a beautiful bike, I’ve seen it in person a few times, really pretty bike