Post a pic of your restored or unrestored fox mini bike

My nice, unrestored Trail Tramp and my cobbled together Condor rider.
Also a Steet Scamp that I sold off, a couple years ago.
Swapped the Tramp/Scamp rear fenders before I did.
Does that make it “restored”? 04F2AC95-5337-4C2A-8E26-30C22E9E5903.jpeg 04F2AC95-5337-4C2A-8E26-30C22E9E5903.jpeg D3A3EE4B-6FC8-4D5D-84C9-62078E6095C7.jpeg F073C544-A4CC-42DA-B1DA-4FDCEDFB5EB1.jpeg 3055483C-5103-4C74-A923-6E7BFE1E562B.jpeg


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my 73 thunderbolt. you could say it's my dyno testing bike for different engines and torque converter setups. it's even crack the welds on my front motor mount plate on both sides and tried to peeling back the

here is the thread on it:
if time premits this next summer. I will do a all stock Ohh motor with just some bolt ons aftermarket parts and just show how much extra power that can be gained with this engine. something I been wanting to do now for a while. if I do it I will keep it with the thunder bolt thread or maybe with the ohh thread I have done in the pass too. you could say this bike is like the project X of popular hot rodding minibike for


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