predator 212 dies when letting off throttle

hey guys i have a problem. my bike starts fine and idles fine, but when i give it a lot of gas it dies out when i let off the throttle. if i use the throttle gently and still give it gas as i’m slowing down it doesn’t die. i have a chinese pwk 24mm carb 38 pilot and 125 main. it wasnt doing this before, but i changed the jets out to fix a certain problem and now i have this. is it my main jet, my pilot jet, or my needle position?
try 42 pilot and 140 main silver needle in middle position that works for my build
27/25mm valves
champion rockers
308 camshaft
billet internals

It sounds like your running lean on main jet - try the jets I recommend, and see if that helps. It definitely will.