Question about Baja warrior

Hey guys I just bought a Baja warrior rolling frame and I'm about to purchase a 212 predator for it. I saw with research on the site that this comes with a 196 motor and it has a torque converter. My question is do I need a torque converter for the setup? I'm just trying to build this as cheap as possible to be honest I just want a little toy to play around with with my kids. To the rear?


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You do not need a torque converter. Those do come stock with a jack shaft set up. I would however suggest a torque converter since they are relatively cheap if you get the knockoffs.
If you have big open spaces to ride, at 1/2 to full throttle, the clutch will be fine. If you think the kids will be put-putting around trees & obstacles or trying to ride uphill, you need a TC. Bear in mind, a Predator & TC may throw them off, if ridden aggressively. My Baja Heat will wheelie to the point of scraping the rear fender if cranked on from a stop or slow roll. But it is now very smooth at low speed & will climb hills without clutch chatter & overheating.
the tav is well worth the money, and its cheaper to replace a belt than a clutch, plus you can pull wheelies with the tav, and accelerated lie the wind
Run a Torque Converter and you will be miles ahead as an end result. There are numerous YouTube videos about installing a TAV2 on a BAJA Warrior. You can buy them for $100.00 or less and do it all at the same time. You will need one for a #41 chain not a #35 chain. For general riding it is a far better end result than a clutch. And yes the 21 will through you off... And the TC will amplify that effect. BUT it is all about the input. If you gag it it will spit you off the back. If you just ride it you will enjoy the TC a lot. Much quieter than a jack shaft and a clutch.