Removing front wheel when fork ends are not open ended?

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Heald Super Bronc VT-8 with a rotted front tire

Fork ends have tubes over the front axle so it looks like I need to drop the forks to get the wheel off. Since it has a front drum brake, unscrewing the axle out one end seems like it is not an option; also I doubt the axle is threaded all the way across.

I should probably know how to do this, but I don't. Any suggestions welcome.

Picture not my forks, but attached for clarification

VT-8 fork ends.jpg


Yes JustEnough, remove the fork lowers, to remove the front wheel.

There is a bolt and nut going thru the upper, that holds the lowers in place. Remove the bolt from each side and the lowers slip right out.

Before reassembling, clean up, then grease the springs on the lowers.