Repop fenders

i would be interested in a set of trail horse fenders as well. I saw some in fiberglass the other day, i wouldn't feel comfortable riding with them though.
125cc crazy, I'd still like to see some pics of what you make. My current fenders are the generic flat fender, meant to be mounted with blts through the top pf the fender. In my case, someone welded flat washers on the sides, for use as mounting tabs on the TH forks. They work, but they can never be made to look like originals.
Don't know anything about his fenders but he makes some badass fiberglass tanks.
Thanks Ole, that paint looks awesome, love that color...

These are the clutch covers and fenders I make....The yellow bike was one I built a few years ago with my fenders.


I’ve got two pairs of 125cc’s fenders on two of my riders and even used one on the front of a trike I race. They are strong and really nicely finished. Gotta get a clutch cover next! Pm sent.