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So I have this Roadster I took apart years ago, and I have gathered up some parts enough to start putting it back together. My question is: did the motor mount on the slotted or fixed holes? The reason I ask, is that I'm using a Comet 20 primary, and the slotted holes let it line up perfectly with the secondary. Except the pipe won't really fit well, and the chainguard neither. If they weren't used stock, what were they for? In the picture, the motor is on the fixed holes, and you can see the misalignment. I'll have to shim out the secondary. And I know that is the incorrect motor. I have the original, but it needs a total rebuild. I like this one better anyway.



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fixed holes for the orginal TC setup on the Roadster2/widow/enduro/scrambler/hustler the Slotted holes I think were used with the Bandit which was a centerifical clutch/no jackshaft version.
Ok thanks for the info. I didn't know they used this frame with centrifugal clutches. I shimmed out the secondary last night, it's going to work out ok. My original primary is grooved out pretty bad. I'll see how the Comet 20 works with he 5/8 belt before I machine the collar. Carver, the bike is looking good. I like the washing machine workbench idea.