Rupp Rat info needed


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Hello All,
I have a Rupp Rat that I need to freshen up and need some info. The original engine is long gone and has been replaced with a modern five horse Tecumseh. What years were they made? Does anyone have pictures so I might get the stickers and seat, (which are also gone) remade? How about a color code? Lots of questions but I am trouble finding info about it. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Maybe they did it to get the bars closer to the rider. I guess it wouldnt be too bad on a trike but if it was on a bike it would be hard to ride
Hi guys, I hsve also just found one of these Rat's. I need info on the motors and drivetrain setup. Photos would be great. Matt
Do you want to restore it, or just get it running and have fun with it? If all you want to do is get it running and riding, just bolt on a Predator 212 or some other small engine and a torque converter and have at it. If you want to restore it, you're going to have your work cut out for you. Not many of these survived and I haven't been able to find hardly any sales info about them.

If it is like the other 70's trikes, the rear end is setup pretty much just like a go-kart on these things. A small engine connected to either a CVT-style torque converter or a centrifugal clutch with a chain drive to the rear axle. They are pretty simple to setup and there are lots of YouTube videos to get you going.