Ruttman Wild Goose Seat


I will be picking up the Ruttman Wild Goose frame from Powder Coating tomorrow. It's time to be thinking about a correct seat.
I found this pic in the Media section of what appears to be an original Goose.

Any leads on options for getting this seat made would be much appreciated.

Thanks! Seat IMG_20200131_145209.jpg
Thanks for the help on the seat. Found a local shop who was willing to take this on. It was a challenge not having the original specs and having them build the seat from pictures and my rough drawings. I think it's pretty close.

I have finally finished the Wild Goose restoration. I made the decals and Serial number plate/tag for my project.
Selling a few on eBay.

Ruttman Wild Goose 1.jpg

Ruttman Wild Goose2.jpg