Scored a Briggs for my Cat project.

So when I bought my Cat mini bike recently, it came with a 3hp B&S that looked like hell. It was missing the carb, air cleaner, gas tank and side cover. Talked with the previous owner a bit more and he told me that motor maybe had 30 minutes on it tops. Took it apart to inspect and he was right!

So I start looking for parts on ebay and JUST a gas tank was going for $60-$85! I thought to myself "I bet I can find a complete motor with everything I need for way less".

Sure enough I did! I picked this up today for $100 AND it came with a brand new Max Torque clutch! I know it is ONLY a 3hp Briggs but this is what I was looking for and I scored a deal! I love it when things like this happen!




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Some of them have those flat gas tanks and some have a tank similar to a 5 HP gas tank, only smaller in proportions. Very oddball.

Great score even if the blower shroud appears mismatched....
A lot of Those smaller engines you can find on vintage edgers for sale for cheap. $15 to $20 alot of times in my area. Great find!
And many of those edgers have almost no hours on them. I'll bet that a lot of people buy one, use it once and then park it. You just need to be careful that the drive end of the crankshaft isn't too short.