scrub brake

Some one added a scrub brake to my bike,but it does not look right. There is no way for it to engage the tire unless you push the lever to the ground. should there be something else on it? Maybe a pad or a piece that will wear? It has one hole in it to the side. It had a caliper but its gone. I got a cheap one from ebay but its not wide enough to fit the sprocket. I think I could try washers to make it wider.Its real close but not going to work.I figure the scrub brake will work just not sure how it should work.
This one was added by someone before me. It looks well worn. You couldnt shave with it but it was getting close to it on the end. I wonder if a piece of wood could be used for a little while?
It looks like the front tire/wheel is larger than the rear. That could well be your issue. Maybe the bike originally, or some time in it's life, had a ten inch wheel and tire on the rear.
They are the same size. I just put a return spring on it. A 3/4 pine board will fit perfect. I don't know if it will last but I'm going to find out. Someone added it, from the factory it had a caliper.



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An option you can do is getting a clutch band brake setup or put a larger diameter tire on the back of your bike. The Slingshot originally came with a 4.00-6 tire in the rear. The 4.00-6 is a hard tire to find, however you can supplement with a 14x6 Rupp trials style tire.

Its a 13x5-6 on both ends. Going to stay tell next year. Its not a big deal was just trying to get it running before weather got bad. Give the kids something to look forward to. I will try a piece of wood to see if it works if not I will get a more expensive caliper that will fit on the sprocket. That is a nice setup on yours.