Select brand Lathe ID information help

Picked up a lathe cheap enough to be interesting a couple of weeks back. Almost nothing that I can find on the internet about it. I learned that it is supposed to be a Taiwanese copy of a South Bend Model 9. It has a short bed on it. It appears to have lots of gear reduction selection. They were imported by a company on the west coast from 77 through 79. Also available labeled as a "David" brand.

It is 110 volts but I believe it came with a 220 motor. I found one pic that showed the back of one of these and the motor was the same color as the rest of the lathe. My motor is black. It does have forward and reverse function.

Hoping that someone might have some experience with one. Thoughts about it?


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I know nothing about the brand, but it looks like it could be a useful sized little machine - At least it came with a couple chucks,and what looks like a face plate, and a drill chuck for the tail stock - Dual lever quick change gear box, even :~)
Change the lantern tool post to a quick change, and you'll like it better, but don't throw away the lantern - They come in useful for some things.
If it's got a single phase 220 motor, and you have the 220 supply, so much the better - It'll pull less amps, and probably run better for you.
What size is the spindle though hole?

I'm thinking it looks like it hasn't had real heavy use, as the top slide isn't chewed up at the inner front corner, like you see on a lot of used lathes.
If the bed cleans up OK, and the back gear isn't missing teeth, you might have a good one.
It does look like it has a threaded spindle nose, so be careful taking the chuck off - DON'T lock the back gear to do it !
Take your time cleaning it up, and don't use anything too abrasive on the ways - WD40 and steel wool are your friends for that. A lot of times you can just scrape off surface rust with a razor blade, and then polish with the WD.

Anyway, I'll shut up now - Good luck with it.

Edit: I just saw there's a guy on the Hobby Machinist forum with a "Select" mill - So I guess you need to look for one of those now ;~)
Actually a couple folks there with Select brand machines, so maybe look for more info there .
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No, it doesn't appear to have had much use at all. I have had it running and it runs slick. I think it will be useful in the future. It has a reversable jaw chuck on it, and I think that will come in handy. I researched it and just couldn't come up with much of anything on it. Interesting link to the Select mill. Didn't come up in my searches.

I will keep looking around and find something else about it, I am sure.

First thing on the list is a quick-change tool post. That was the best thing I ever did to my Craftsman/Atlas lathe. Plus, all the extra stuff I have for it will fit on the Select. Same size tool post. I haven't checked the spindle through hole on it yet. I don't think about it until I am back in the house sitting down.


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I'd think it would be a more substantial lathe than an Atlas - A heavier duty look to it.
AND, it's got "V" ways - A much better construction for a decent machine, than the Atlas-style flat bed.
But that's just MHO, and a good operator can make good parts on most any machine.
Keep us posted - I'd like to see it all cleaned up .
Went out and took a couple of pics. I haven't touched it since I got it home. I thought that the motor on it was black and was a replacement, but I discovered that it was just nasty, and it is the same color as the rest of the lathe. It is also 110 or 220 capable. I had seen the wiring hanging out when I bought it and just assumed that it was a replacement. The bed looks to be in excellent shape. The little chuck doesn't have a backing plate on it. Looking at what little information I could find it appears that it has a 1 1/2'' X 8 thread on the headstock which is the same as the Atlas I have. So, I have accessories that can be shared between the 2 machines. 4 jaw chuck and Jacobs threaded chuck. Same taper on the tail stock too. Now I just have to figure out its character.

Some more pics.

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You're going to have a most interesting project there :~)
It really does look like it's a decent machine, right down to the felt way wipers.
If the motor is good (at least it's US made), it's about the right size for the lathe - 1/2-3/4 hp is all you need for one that size.
You can get replacement capacitor covers pretty cheap, so no problem there. If you can run it on 220v, that would be best, but it'll work either way.
How many speeds does it have ?

About the three jaw - It looks like it might be a decent chuck with replaceable jaws.
I think you can easily buy a threaded blank back plate for that spindle thread, and it would be a good project to turn one to fit. Stuff like that is a most excellent exercise in precision measuring - Lots of on line info on doing it. You'll have no end of fun ;~)