Speedway stinger


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An easy way would be to use conduit clamps/straps. There are many types, choose whatever type you like in the size to fit the frame tubes.



Another option would be to weld a couple pieces of flat bar across the frame, like most minibikes have.
Or should i say how would i but a seat on this machine there was never supposed to be a seat pan


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Im thinkibg the seat pan was there before and someone removed it but im still thinking its suppose to be like that because iv seen 2 or three others with no seat pan
I thought you just wanted to mount a seat on it, but I now understand that you want to make it correct. Looks like they had a special seat pan with a snap-on seat cover.





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Im thinking of just welding a couple pices of metal in there to secure or put a piece of wood in there and then the snaps to the side of the frame


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The scrub brake is still there and the original serial sticker is still there and the original paint is still under the paint that was recently added by the previous owner that was a college kid