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Hi guys it's me again, so I have found some numbers on the front fenders of three of the gotes that I have, only because I cannot get to the 4th yet it's in my garage.In my opinion the first picture looks like it says T with a g involved in it, the second one absolutely has a number three on it. And the third one has the numbers 2 2 and also three. If anybody has any information about what these numbers May mean or if they know who may have put them there as far as makers and serial numbers, I would really appreciate any more and put. Again I'm still trying to sell these however I'm not going to sell anything that I am not informed of. Thanks bunch hope to hear from somebody with some good knowledge.


Even if they are someone's home project, wouldn't they still be considered Tote gotes? With the understanding that they most likely are not from Bonham, I still do believe they are from early 1960's and I'm sure we're created to pull large animals out of wooded areas? I would not necessarily consider them mini bikes, just due to the fact that they are not meant for any kind of speed whatsoever...... And if not considered gotes or typical mini-bikes, what would you label them as? Only wondering so that I can call them the correct kind of machine when losing them for sale.
The numbers I found seem pretty uniform, I believe they may mean 1of1, 1of2, 1of3 and so on. I'm still working on making them out for sure, but will be happy to post my findings...... Than you again for the input