Street Cruiser Mini Bike Charity Raffle

Hello everyone, this is Grant. I have a little youtube channel and for those that follow the facebook page, muscle mini bike builds, you will recognize this beautiful mini bike as one of the top winners in the build off. I've had some recent life changes that have prompted me to give this mini bike away to help others in need.

I asked around and found a local charity, then set up a raffle here:
100% of the proceeds go to TeenLife, a local non-profit that provides free counseling services to teens in crisis.

Anyway, in the spirit of giving, and making the world a little bit better, i ask that you all would donate to this cause. Sure the bike is awesome, I restored it from the ground up, and went over the top with mods. More importantly, though, is that you will be doing some good in the world if you enter to win it.

Thanks and happy holidays. -Grant