Stretching and lifting the Coleman

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Was this bike crashed and the fork tube repaired? Doesn't look like the factory rake.
It was wrecked. Broke the frame right below the head tube. Might have lost a little rake during the repair. The front fender bracket was also broken and repaired and doesn't hold the front fender quite straight which also makes it look squished.


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Have you thought about going larger on the fork tube? IMO that's the worst part of the Coleman 200's. They should have went one size larger on the fork tube, bearings, and through bolt.
Agreed, but no. The Coleman is just a beater for the kids around the farm, hence the prior front end damage. My oldest bought himself a Trailmaster, and my youngest, 6' tall now, was feeling green and just wanting to ride his brother's bigger bike all the time, so I was looking for a few things we could do to level it up a bit.

We have replaced the steering bearings once for higher quality sealed bearings (which are holding up great), and I still have several spares on hand. When it was wrecked, the bolt held up fine despite hitting hard enough to break the frame. Go figure...


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We usually run the tire pressure pretty low in the fat tires for shock absorption. Decided to run up the pressure on the front tire to see if it improved the handling. Bingo! The steering is still very fast, but in a good way, versus a scary way. I gave it a good workout on a tight trail on our property, this setup is awesome! Way faster than the Trailmaster or the Baja on the tight turns. Might just leave it alone...
Put in a CVT with Juggernaut this week. Bike is governed. It'll rocket up to 20 mph then sit on the governor and cruise. Runs up hills. Quickly becoming my favorite bike to ride. I see what people mean when they say flickable. You just think about a turn and it makes it. Pokes along beautifully at 2 mph on a super tight trail we have. Doesn't do wheelies anymore, but that is a good thing on our hills and helps keep the kids out of trouble!