Stripping a Bird frame....question..

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Look'n good,,
I would keep going though,, & use either a wire cup wheel in an angle grinder, or flap disc wheel in it.

Harbor freight ''if you have one'',, has some good / cheap ''Warrior brand'' ones,, that I use ''a lot''.

Lowes also has some super quality ones, for a bit more coin.

Also,, I recommend using 3M Scotch pad sheets, for final go over, & for getting into tight places.
Those,, you can also cut length wise, & use like a ''back forth'' strip,, with holding the ends. ;)

If it was me, I would strip that sucker down to bare metal,, before hitting primer on it.

Other than the foot peg covers, the bird frame is about stripped clean for refinish Are these covers original to the bike?? I'll make some effort to save them if so. I hate destroying original parts...that comes from years of owning old cars

Those appear to be Hunt-Wilde covers. They should be fairly easy to find. I would blast it, then have a close look.


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To actually answer question, yes they are factory. I have not bought any in awhile but they used to be available still in that size if they don’t cooperate but you can usually blow them off with compressed air
Thanks for the info, everyone. Great idea on the compressed air. Actually they were quite easy to remove. After prying them open just a bit and spraying PB blaster, I used a 7/8 wrench and a hammer to tap them off. I guess they are original... that's a pretty red color on the bars.
I'm surprised that they are not dry rotted. They're still flexible. I'll clean them and put them back on some day.

The bushings for the fork look to be removable...correct?? They have some scoring on them.
is there a source for new bushings?


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