Tecumseh governor problem

40 year diesel/ gas RF tech that needs help
I pulled the carburetor about two years ago cleaned it and got it running.

ever since then the governor is not regulating the speed of the engine. The governor arm coming out of the block is not even trying to modulate or regulate the speed of the carburetor.

So I’ve been fighting the speed control to keep the engine from either overspeeding or just not having enough RPM to turn the edger blade. It is a craftsman/Tecumseh 2 1/2 hp I’m enclosing pictures.

If I need to remove the pulley and pull the side cover to check that Goveror flyweight I can I am not afraid to do that.

I know I didn’t force that lever coming out of the block that is the governor control lever, so I know I’ve either rerigged something wrong or something else is going on. I’m enclosing pictures can anybody help?



2B20DAAA-689F-4F1C-8EF4-882016F9BD67.jpeg B3638F12-0A61-4AFE-9D15-57705054ED71.jpeg 6A117907-4154-4354-B596-92E5846FF887.jpeg CA1F4548-1B21-4CCE-AE04-D23287208A1F.jpeg 06C69152-4EB9-4FB0-84D6-1E2FD354F197.jpeg A724FB7E-86FC-4048-98AA-9D7574E6CA45.jpeg
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This is what I used to troubleshoot and disassemble the engine. Governor spool came apart as well as one of the fly-weigh mounts on the governor gear.

http://www.nettally.com/palmk/Tecumseh Governor Failure.html

I have a governor gear that is integral with the shaft, the boss on the shaft holds it in place. I am gonna need a shaft. Is it a special part number or can one with the clip grooves be pressed into place?

Any tips on removing the original shaft?

The Governor gear (1fly-weight) failed.
30591 Governor
30588 Spool
30574A Shaft
27677A Gasket
The output end of the crank, that side covet seal is a 26208

The Tecumseh_quick_reference.p.d.f has the specs I needed.
Check valve clearances and they were .006
Cleaned external coil and attach points. Set air gap to .016
Install governed gear to housing set that clearance to 014

Cold set the governor lever, she fired right up, made a small rpm adjustment at the lever on the blower housing.

She is running perfect now, like a little top.

Thanks everyone for the advise and help with this.

No worries......
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