Tecumseh Kick Starter 590489


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I’ve got a nice Tecumseh 590489 kickstarter that came on a project bike I picked-up recently, and it’s not really an essential part of my build. It is really cool, but I’d rather sell it for money to obtain more useful parts I need. It’s in good working order and looks decent, with what I’d call light patina. I didn’t have a lot of luck finding comps, but know these are fairly valuable. So, I’m giving it my best guess and offering it up here to my fellow enthusiasts.

With that out of the way, price is $650, and it’s located in Indianapolis. I know it’s a leap of faith, but I need payment in person or by USPS money order. Please check my profile to see I’m serious about the site, and honest with my sales.

Shipping is by buyer’s preference, and at buyer’s expense. In addition to the pics, I have a video of it actuating if you’d like one sent to you.

Thank you for looking!