Tecumseh kick starter return spring

Hi guys,
I recently bought a Tecumseh kick starter really cheap with a broken return spring. Does anyone know if the standard pull start spring is the same ?
Thanks. Gary
Thanks very much for that Markus. I paid NZ $30.00 for it so was worth the gamble of a stuck spring vs broken. I will keep an eye out for the part. Thanks again. Gary
OK, it's real early in the morning, and I don't get enough coffee, but if you flipped that spring around, wouldn't it tension up in the opposite direction?

Speaking of good deals on Kick Starters, I got a Fairbanks Morse for a great deal. I cleaned it up and polished it, repaired the kick arm hinge, and then proceeded to go through five vintage Fairbanks Morse starter cups trying to find one that fit my Tecumseh flywheel. Of course I modified most of them with grinders, and drills, so they sit on my shelf as a testament to "good deals" everywhere.