Tecumseh MODEL HM80-155042A SERIAL 4165R info please..

I lucked into my first fat tire yesterday. No info was known by the seller as far as exactly what it was or year of manufacture. I think? It is a Carl Heald vt-1012?? The motor is a Tecumseh HM80 with the serial and model numbers bring on an aluminum tag of the side of the housing. From reading past posts, i think that means it is pre-1973-ish?? So the 4 would be 1964? Or is it a last of the holdover and is a 1974? This machine is awesome in my opinion. Don't see many of these around here. Or at least I don't. Seem to be more of them up north? Maybe I'm wrong, ‍♂️ all I know is I want to bring this jewel back to life. I'd like to keep it as original as possible since it seems to be mostly original, intact, and solid. Any info on accurately dating this thing will be greatly appreciated.


Well... I figured out that I was wrong in my initial guess at the model that I had. Now, I'm pretty sure? that it is a model VT-812. Makes sense... came with an 8hp Tecumseh.... and the 22x12-8 tires front end back were an option. I have no clue how to date this thing though. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Was there a date code on the frame? And I still an not sure if the motor is a 1964? Or a 1974?