Tecumseh on a Renyolds minibike

Hey, guys! I've put pretty much every hobby on hold with the uncertainty of everything. I've been putting money in other places, for now- so I've been MIA and put the minibike on the back burner. However, this engine was just posted locally and is supposed to be NOS. I was on the hunt more so for and H or HS but this one presented itself. How much different is this engine from and H or HS? Would it make a good Alexander Reynolds bike build? haha especially after I took a beating for even mentioning a Predator...haha thanks!



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Thats an actual RV (recreational version) engine, the throttle control is just setup so cable comes from the bottom. to better mimic a briggs and stratton type setup so it was more plug and play on some karts. An "RV" engine is what mini bikes got as well, So when it comes the HS50's that means it got a ball bearing shaft, a throttle control that was spring return, warm weather type intake, and usually a spark arrestor header. yours looks to be missing a fuel tank, those (that engine is a 1982) was pretty much the first ones to get the updated plastic tanks which had the pebble finish top with the hook type bottom bracket. Possible that it is off there due to some of the kart setups. like the Manco built but sears sold Orange krate karts around that time period got the stock Tecumseh tank mounted to the rear of the seat.

Great find if its in your price range, Beats a snowthrower with all the wrong parts, and a bunch of stuff you have to buy or modify to look like something that came on a bike or kart, and safer, stronger PTO setup!


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$100 bill......hmmmm

That model # indicate 5hp or 4hp?

Will the older metal type tanks fit without extensive modification?
HS50 is the engine size. Yes a metal tank will fit with the correct brackets, Metal tanks ended in 1970 for the most part so there was only a short timeframe that they had spacing to accomadate the wider bolt pattern head. so If your donor tank came from say a 1968 H 25-35 or HS40 you would have use an upper bracket from 3rd quarter 1969 or later built model with the slotted holes. even plastic tank brackets will cross fit (the upper ones) onto the metal though so its not too hard to convert them.
Hey, guys I really appreciate you taking the time to reply and give me the guidance I needed... Hopefully he still has it by the time I get home from work, today. I'll still keep the MB on the back burner until this uprising/covid thing subsides. I'll just set the engine aside and look for a tank (I may have one) and maybe that other throttle/spring assembly if needed.
Well, i got it for $75....he dropped the price on his ad before I got back to tell him I'd meet him....cool.

Are there any key words I could put in an auto search on eBay for the items that'll complete it? I'm in no hurry to round up all the stuff.....

I'm pretty stoked, this had a Tecumseh on it when I rode it as a kid.