Tecumseh Star?


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YEEEEPPPP nice one:devil2: ooohhhhh aaahhhh what you going to do with that??? Keep me in mind if you dont need or want it(yeah right gotta wish) that thang is a keeper
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I have another one!

I got these with a go kart I didn't need. Both have Tecumseh billet rods. Both engines appear to have very little wear. I don't think the second one has been fired yet. I have no history for either one.

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Star Specs

Cool engine.
Anybody got specs on the star?
Why is it a torque monster?
What year(s) were they made?
Sorry for all the questions, just never seen these before.

Smoke stack article is a early H50 nothing like the star. Star was based off the 10 HP HM100 the H50 was a controlled stock motor meant to compete with the briggs raptor. it was far superior to the raptor.