Tecunseh HS40 Cam


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I have a Tecumseh HS40 55416D Serial 32670. I have no way of knowing if this motor is all original. Me and my father were trying to get it started. We messed with the timing. All we could do was get it to start for a split second or back fire. Everything seems very healthy. Only numbers I see on the Cam are 121 and the crank 71A5. We thought maby they were not lined up right. But they were. An at top dead center. Does anyone know if this set up is original or correct. Maby something we are missing. Thanks so much in advanced.



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I have had a few Tecumseh engines. I have set the points to a tight 20 and took the magneto from both sides and to the middle. Could it be the wrong points do they make different style point like the plastic mold. Thanks for the help.


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Top dead center.
There is a real good chance you are not actually hitting full open on the points at TDC. The points need to be on the highest point of the lobe on the cam breaker/timing cam.......For instance, in order to get full open on the points on this HS40 I am rebuilding I had to go to like .40-.50 PAST TDC to get there, Dial indicator was on there since I was setting the timing after setting the points

and yes, there are in fact different points and condensers so you need the correct ones, there are quality and fitment differences as well :) IMG_1216.JPG