Tekton tools are great quality tools .

Which budget tool brand do you prefer?

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Anyone using tekton tools. There a Michigan based company making high quality tools and low prices mostly made in taiwan along with china and the good ole usa. I own their Chrome/ impact 1/4 inch. 3/8 inch , and 1/4 inch drive sockets deep, short, metric and Sae. I own there stubby, medium and long, hard handled screw drivers, bit sets, impact torx in 3/8 and 1/4 inch, chrome 3/8 allen sockets in metric and sae. There ratchets and breaker bars and waaaay more of their tools.

Im seriously impressed with the quality you get for the money. Ive found there allen sockets to be stronger than usa craftsmans man after breaking a 3/8s driver 3/16 bit of each brand. Their ratchets are high tooth count and ergonomic in the hand. Their screw drivers tips are definitely very strong compared to Pittsburgh. The sockets and wrenches chrome are very nice and they fit bolts and nuts perfectly with very little slop. Their sets are mostly no skip sets, and there blow molded cases are much more well designed than other brands cases are. They are also dont waist space in the cases either. There customer service is unbeatable too. You break a tool, take a picture, tell em what happend, you don't have to mail in your tool and youll get a brand new tool in the mail a few days later for absolutely free. I broke a allen wrench and they sent me a whole set for free. I could go on and on about these guys but theae are only a few of many more examples of why they are a great choice for a tool company. Any one else use this brand of tools? At home? At work? Are you a weekend warrior or do you make a living with them?. Thanks for reading and comment your experiences with them and what your opinion is on em.

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