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Well Guys, I gotta tell one on myself. I got my gas tank put on the back of the Doodle Bug and got the chain cut and put on. It was getting dark and I wanted to try this thing out. I rolled it out into the side yard and gave it a pull and that sum beech hit and jumped up on the back wheel so fast I couldn't believe it! I had both hand grips in my hands and then let go with the left one (stupid) and the sum beech was doing donuts in the grass and digging it up! I managed to grab the left handle and brake and then hit the kill switch. Back to the drawing board on the throttle apparently. I just can't figure out what the heck I got wrong. Without it running, the throttle SEEMS to work properly. I'm going to put it on some blocks tomorrow and start it and see what I may need to adjust. Like Charles S predicted, tons of low end torque! LMAO I just wish someone had been there with me to have it on video. I'm sure it was comical. It was to me! Anyone have any idea what I should look at first? I'm thinking the linkage from the carb to the governor.
Well, I got pissed off at not being able to get this frigging throttle figured out and just pulled the damned Generac engine and tossed it in the garbage. I'm done with that thing. I'm putting the Chinese engine back on and will just wait until the Predator engines go on sale again and try my hand with that. I did remove the 3/4 clutch and have it on my work table. I'm about done, done, done. I used to be good at figuring things out, but since I've had 2 brain surgeries, I can't figure diddly squat.


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Wow, tossed it in the can? You can't let that engine beat you, man! You're smarter.

You gotta figure you need a fairly strong return spring, a throttle cable with graceful curves (no sharp kinks) and no binding on the hand grip,
I guess. Lube the cable and wire with a light oil too. Maybe the cable got messed up when you made a turn/turned the handlebars?
I don't know what else to tell you since I'm not there and can't see it.
I would grab that engine out of the trash, and reinstall it and put the bike up on a milk crate. Sometimes I put the front wheel up against a concrete wall just in case.
That way if she takes off at WOT you can shut it down immediately.

The important thing is you weren’t seriously hurt, and I’m sure that was a sobering experience. Happens to the best of us.
Try not to get discouraged, I’m sure you can figure out what went wrong once you look it over.
If you post up some pics I’m sure members here can help out.
Nahhh, it's just not worth it. Recycling truck came by at 0630 this morning so the temptation is long gone. Good riddance to it and now all I need is a longer throttle cable to put the 3hp Chinese engine back on it. I'll probably clean it up and ask Rudy if he's still interested in it for his grand kids. I don't know what I was thinking. Man my age fooling with a mini bike. My wife is having an invasive surgery tomorrow and if all goes well with that one, a complete shoulder replacement before the end of the year. I'm gonna have my hands full taking care of her for a while, so I don't need the temptations of a "toy project" while she's recovering. Thanks for everyones suggestions and input. Y'all take care and keep it straight!
Okay, my son is messing with me. He pulled the Generac out of the recycling bin when he got home from work Thursday morning. He works at Disney World and gets home around 1:00 am. He said he was putting some soda bottles in the bin and saw the Generac and decided to save it. He told me last night with a text. Said he'd NEVER seen me give up on anything mechanical in his life and didn't want to see me give up. Sooooo, I will concentrate on helping the wife and eventually get back to the Doodle Bug project. For now, I'm taking a break from it.


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Your throttle cable needs lube and the return spring where you hooked up your cable to the engine might need to be stronger.

Been there. Done that. Cheers!
Thanks, Steve73. I will definitely take a look at that. What irks me is that before starting it, that frigging throttle seemed to work perfectly. I did find a slight bind where the linkage connects to the carburetor and THOUGHT I had that corrected. I'll fool with it in a few days. Doctor said the surgery went perfectly and she should be able to start using the hand and arm just a little bit in 3 days or so. She's not allowed to lift anything over 1 pound for the next 2 weeks, so SHE can't help me with the Doodle Bug! Anyway, I'll check the cable and spring. I'm thinking the governor isn't correctly adjusted.
Also it might be better to start it with the chain off and make sure the throttle works first
Then once you know everything is operating correctly, then attach the chain.

With my torque converter i always start a new engine with the belt off
That way if it takes off, it is easily remedied and no risk of injury.

glad to hear the engine was saved, best of luck with your wife’s surgery
Well, while the wife was sleeping, I gave in to temptation and managed to get the engine remounted and the throttle responding like I THINK it should. It's opening all the way at the carb and springing back nicely. Turns out the linkage was catching on the backside of the magneto. Kind of a strange place to run a long linkage rod with a spring around it, but I managed to get the clearance that I needed. Just as I was starting to put the gas tank into a place where I think I'll keep it, the wife came out and needed some help, so I put everything away and will see what I can accomplish in the next few days. A dude I know that mows lawns around here stopped by to see what I was up too and he told me he thinks I'm crazy for putting an engine that big on such a small frame. He said he has a helmet that he'll try to remember to bring by so I'll at least make an open casket corpse! LOL
Wife has been napping off and on today. I went out to tinker with Doodle and discovered why the dang throttle isn't working properly. I have been pulling it closed when operating the twist throttle. NOW I have to figure out how to open that governor when twisting the throttle. I was trying to figure out how in the hell I'm going to do that when my old roommate called me (female) and we got to talking and the next thing I knew, an hour had passed and I was out of the mood for Doodle, so just put my tools away and came inside to start getting things together for dinner. Meat loaf, carrots and potatoes with onions and MAYBE some English peas, if I still have a can in the pantry. It'll be Monday before I get back to Doodle. Gotta figure out that throttle and the exhaust and then I can ride it. I DID get the gas tank mounted behind the seat today. Yippee!!
Ehhh, because I thought I had explained in another thread that I've had 2 brain surgeries and am not computer savvy. I don't understand how to take photos and share them on a computer. I have to ask my daughter to do this for me. I will try to get some more photos and post them in a few days. I realize that most of you don't get it, but unless you've been through losing comprehensive skills, you can't get it.