TOTE GOTE canvas fork bag

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

I have sewn a couple of the natural white 10.10oz canvas storage bags. They fit very nice on the front forks and use a large 2” Velcro strap to attach. The zipper is a heavy duty large #10 ykk. This bag is 12x8x3.5

These bags are made in UTAH!

Shipping from Utah
Message me if you are interested.

8AFF6F73-A838-4A91-BB50-10FB478E9E84.jpeg 21C5202C-088E-48F1-BAF5-C9F8E252EC75.jpeg 8C8E0C0F-171B-4BB5-9414-336EB49CFF04.jpeg 9CE85AF2-70E3-4B0A-8B42-2DEBA9547CBD.jpeg 4D61A809-D7C3-4814-8364-468CC0983552.jpeg D7363B4D-2A3F-4E91-B2D6-64F5F4F0C018.jpeg