Tote Gote 'GOTEFEST' near Kamas, Utah

Gotefest 21 is a gathering of like minded people interested in the history and restoration of the Tote Gote and other similar trail scooters. All brands and types of vintage scooters are welcome. The event will be held in a gravel pit where the gotes can be driven and enjoyed. Bring yours to ride or just be admired. Bring your parts and pieces for sale or trade. If you are looking for parts or information, this is the place. You will see models you may not have seen before. Site host is Travis Jenkins, thank you, Travis
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old shed finds

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Sorry guys I'm not going to make it this year.. I decided to take a Manager job at Walmart and I don't even know what a day off is anymore...But hey I will probably use some PTO and be there...