Trail horse gto 1400


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I've said it before and I'll say it again, this one is on my list. I would of kept it original but you're doing a great job with it.

Good gob stealing that Gem from MiniBikePhil..!!!
Everything was re-chromed….even the small fender spacers….tried to get as close to original color….painted motor then tried an idiot move thst screwed it up, but going to live with it….attempted to use all the original parts, but I ran across a new comet 2 speed so I just bought it….still have the other if someone needs parts….refigured the clutch, too old internal parts were wore but usable…I got another clutch with the parts I bought but it too was wore….so I dissembled it and reconfigured it with a max torque guts….should cut chains today and If I can get it down and get the wife looking the other way I’ll test ride it….
Exhaust is fastened with a bracket to top shock bolt….replacing carb….original has issues I cannot address….pulling a Chinese one off the shelf….I’m ashamed….but it does run well no ride yet….
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