Trailmaster Challenger 300X Chinese UTV. Doesn’t take off until 1/2 throttle, then jerks when it slams into gear.

My wife’s brother purchased an Chinese UTV about a year ago, he died and I am left trying to get it working to sell and cover funeral cost.

One bad thing is that he hacked it up before he died. Cut the mounting brackets for the gas tank off. Cut side bars off that came along side the seats. Lots of stuff missing, seat belt, seats, tons of bolts, rear lights wiring harness and a lot more.

I need tons of help! I doubt I can get enough money to lay him to rest but something is better than nothing!

Can you please help me get his cart back together?

First thing I need to figure out is:
When you push the throttle down it doesn’t do anything until about 1/2 throttle then it jerks bad when it slams into gear.
Any ideals what I should check first?

Please remember that he hacked this thing up!

When I first got it it would not start with the key because a wire harness was unplugged at the master cylinder.



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Check to see if the shifter cable has stretched a bit and adjust it. See YouTube for your specific machine.