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Hey new guy here!
I just picked up an absolute basket case of an alsport tri sport that I’m going to try and revive. The main issue is the rear axle is toast. I’ve read a lot about the peerless 100 series axles but they don’t sell them up here in Canada. Does anyone know of any other options for a rear axle or what year/model of lawn tractor I might find a peerless 100 series axel I could scavenge. Any help would be appreciated


I’ve seen them for sale I was just hoping I could find one from an old lawn tractor as it would cost double the price of the part by the time I got it to Canada

Most lawn tractors and other such vehicles use "Trans-axles". Your Tri Sport used a differential. While having a reverse gear might be novel, it would be a bear to incorporate into your trike and probably would not be able to handle the torque. After looking at the pic of your differential, ( a Holton, I believe), it appears someone has already learned a lesson on the application of torque.
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Ha! Yup she’s pretty much done. After doing some research I was under the impression that some of the older lawn tractors used the peerless style differential rear axle. I might just have to bite the bullet and shell out the money to have one shipped up here.


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That is not a Holton diff but it doesn't look like a standard peerless either. The gears in a holton are straight cut and not beveled like your pic. I think your best bet would be a peerless as Holton parts/replacements don't exist. There was another place selling the peerless diffs for fairly cheap but I do not remember who/where it was. I think they had some at Winber a few years ago. Maybe someone else can chime in here. #Gumpit