TS-130 front fork rebuild parts?

So I disassembled the front fork assy on the Alsport TS-130 and everything is wollered-out. I mean everything. If it has a bolt through it-it basically is out of round and has a lot of slop. I can rebuild it but I just wanted to get it going on the road faster for the summer and would prefer to buy what's needed. So does somebody still have parts for these like the bronze bushings
or will I have to fabricate everything and use the fork assy as a template. I know I can get new shocks. I was wondering about everything else
Bronze bushing for these forks are standard hardware items. I've bought them at Tractor supply, Lowes just about any place with hardware.
There are/were perfect replacement shocks for these forks on Surplus center's web site for like $15.99/ea. I've bought them and used them on TS's and a Dunecycle ....they were perfect.