Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

Just getting started doing some research on building a mini bike from scratch as a good winter project. I want to fabricate the frame. From what I can find, the tube size used is 7/8" OD. This works well for the throttle, brake, etc. that are sized for a 7/8 inch tube. Problem is, I can't find 7/8 tube. Called a regional supplier and they are not able to get it. Can anyone provide insight on what size tube to use and where to find it? 1" isn't a problem at all to source, but as mentioned, the components seem to be sized for 7/8 inch tube. Maybe the 1/8 inch doesn't matter....

Search function didn't return any results, but I've never had good luck using the right terms either.

I appreciate your help.
My local metal suppl;ier does not carry 7/8th tube although they will order it. I got mine off ebay although it was only a 5 foor length. The metal supplier gets tube in 20 ft lenghts and will cut to order on what they stock. 1" would work fine for a frame.
I don't know where you are at with bender dies, but there were several bikes built with 1" pipe as well, and the handlebar components for them are widely available as well. Might be easier to source for cheaper. Shipping on the DOM stuff kills.
Thanks everyone. 1" tube is a lot easier for me. I'll do some more looking for components that fit. It really is just the throttle and brake that come to mind.