Two Wires off the Magnetron...


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I've got an old but not ancient Briggs 5hp, 130212 series manufactured in 1991. Most of the parts are intuitively reassembled after disassembly but I forgot the orientation of these two wires... Seems most breakdowns show only one wire.

One has a ring terminal on the end and the other is bare. The latter is ostensibly for linking up with a length of wire and a remote kill switch but where does the ring terminal fasten to? Seems if it was attached to either leg of the magnetron, it would be permanently grounded and never start.

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I think the two wires was, one for a kill switch and the other mated wire went to the throttle assembly on the engine so when you went to slow/off it would also kill the engine.


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BA-BAM. I think you're on to something and you have me thinking "outside of the (blower) box". I say that because the ring-ended wire is long enough to reach out of the blower housing and...under the gas tank where the other/main kill switch was located.

I discarded all that mess and any and everything to do with the governor. I threw out my short term memory along with it. The illustration shows what I presume is this long wire coming down from the upper left and fastened by that nut.

Briggs Throttle Return.jpg

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