Unknown to me

Banchi maybe.:shrug: The engine plate on a C-250 is one piece and the Banchi is two piece like his pic. If it is a Banchi it should have tank mounting rails as well.

69 Banchi

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its not a Rupp of any kind, all the frame joints are pinched ends etc...
right right, the motor plate and pegs are all wrong too.. Front end has too much rake..

Yep, That's why I said it looks like a Rupp.
ahhh, Rupp-esque.. :laugh:

It looks MORE like some kind of something Taco would do, but it's not a Taco either.. Maybe like a Taco knockoff made later on in life.. Charger and Manco liked copying peoples ides, like build one similar to what is already there. It could be possibly something like that.. :shrug:
The absence of the over-lapping frame at the neck and the wrong bars/forks makes me think its not Broncco but Im no expert.....it just might be :shrug:



Wow that looks right!!!.....even has that squiggly piece of metal tying the frame togethe in the back...:thumbsup:

Try and find one of those chainguards...:doah: