Vintage small engine rebuild tools


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I had been watching to get a couple of these pieces on ebay but either the the tools were coming up well used or pretty pricey on their own. This complete set came up New in boxes, which gives me multiples of a few things I already had and use but The price was OK for all at once so I just went ahead and bought it.

zim tools (Medium).jpg

What I didn't know was the actual age and that these complete sets (I had seen newer versions pop up with just about everything here as well) were like what a store would get along with a display board. The packing slip from when it was sent to the place that bought it was in the box as well and it was shipped to them in 1967. The little sack bag is the pegboard hooks that are for each tool, so If I did want to replicate the board, which looks like it would be pretty easy to do, I could or at least hang some of the tools.....I am working on building a dedicated engine assembly/build bench as my tool box is filled with more automotive type specialty tools from being an ASE/Toyota certified technician for years, which I still use on regular basis for jobs so a fair amount of what I use to build the small engines with I have to store in other spots anyway.

zim tools1 (Medium).jpg zim tools 2 (Medium).jpg

Cool thing with NOS is they have never been touched, the bad thing with 53 year old NOS is they have never been touched :D As an example, I had to completely disassemble the bore gauge to clean out the original grease as it just turned to rock hard coating. As I try other things I am doing the same thorough clean and relube. corrosion or rot thankfully on the tools, Just the frozen when you get an old shortblock in the box, gotta pull that thing apart or that stuff will tear up the engine!

I Did try out the valve refacer on a old used valve. Its crude but it did the least until my ship comes in and I can get a Gizmatic from Neway ;), those are like 3 or 4 times what I paid for this set of tools shipped.

zim tools3.jpg

Anyway thought I would share since these were the old school small engine specific tools you could get back in the days of Mini bikes ruling the streets and trails!