Wanted: Sachs 80b Pull Start (Speedway Widow Maker)


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I have a nice Speedway Widow Maker. and the only thing missing is the pull start.

Actually it was *not* missing, but the spring was broken. So a speedway guy here suggested i send it to the guy making Sach pull starts for the Fox Sundowner mini bikes. I contacted him, he said he would rebuild my Sachs 80b pull start for $100. Sent him my original 80b pulls start with $100... that was a YEAR AGO. then he said he "lost" my pull start, and would make me another, while he was doing the Sachs Saxonette pulls starts (the Sach 80b pull start is different.) And that never happened. he stopped communicating with me about 4 months ago...

Long story short, i have a Speedway Widow Maker 80b engine with no pull start... Does anyone have a pull start they would sell?

here's my bike: https://www.pinrepair.com/minibikes/p/speedway1972_widowmaker_mine1.jpg

direct email best cfh@provide.net