What is this?


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What is it? Got it for free. The front forks were put together using galvanized pipe so I trashed those already. The pegs are some scrap someone welded on. Had a 3.5hp Tecumseh. By the way I'm new here! First post of many to come!


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I'd actually like to build it! I have a Honda GX motor sitting here I planned for it. I could use some help on where to find forks and handlebars for it.
How long is the neck tube? I have a set of forks I was getting ready to put up for sale :thumbsup: I had handle bars on them that I got from Amazon and bar mounts that I got from BMI because OldMiniBikes was sold out of the one I wanted :doah:
mannn those jokers are outrageously heavy stock forks...
and the bars can be a pain to get too.
personally,get a shocked front end off something and go with that instead.
Unless you are going back to stock/expensive...

that motor,which honda you have?
i ran a 5.5 on mine and it would wheelie no matter who was on it.
now i run a 3.5 tec and still cruise with the speeders.
just a coupla thoughts.
cheers n welcome to the Family addiction,oops OldMiniBikes.:thumbsup:
The neck tube is 7 7/8". I have a GX160 5.5hp. I did browse ebay for pit bike forks and what not but I'm new to mini bikes so i'm not sure where to start.
i took around a half inch off i think to put a set of sprung Artic cat forks on one of mine..
the pit bike forks,they r nice,but Very lightweight And the Fork plates dont have enough Meat to drill out to the headbolt size.
well,you could but the strength factor..esp since you gonna be offroading it,like we do.

id say check out what harley has and see if you can move the Lower fork plate Down on the fork legs to fit your headtube..?

or grab a set of something,just choose wisely.
ie,standard top plate,maybe adjustable/plates w allen screw clamps like the pitbikes use,and uses clamps style bars.
For my Arco I bought a new set of Azusa forks and cut the old plates out and got new plates and welded them in. Not the quickest/easiest way to go but I'm happy with the look and they are plenty strong. No shocks though lol.

And Randy, your knowledge of mini bikes is awesome! :bowdown:
This is what they looked like when I first painted them :thumbsup: They aren't as pretty now :doah: I'll get some new pic's when I get home tonight

This is what they looked like on the bike
I thought about buying pitbike forks. Im sure I could come up with something.
heres a basic example,give ya some ideas.
note the original headbolt hole is close to the edge,and the Size would have to be reamed out towards the Center or risk breaking.
good thing about these,they are light,and Adjustable.

last pic is a fork,unknown make,i started stripping them,that are just laying around,if you are interested.

3rd pic is of one of the razor electrics,also a very heavy fork.
id use these only if direly needed.

lmk if you need a wheelset too,i have a manco set.