what the...!


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I didn't know they had fenders. :shrug:

Daniel, tell me that wasn't the bike listed on CL without pics for $75. If that's it, you got a serious score! :facepalm::thumbsup:
oh no, its not mine.. just posted to show that there are alot of powells in california, just looked at another one in L.A. craigslist too..


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So was it the bike on CL listed in fresno for $75.00 I've been tryin to reach seller since yesterday morning cell goes stright to voice mail?
researching this site im realizing it is an E model so im missing the taillight, head light and it currently has a 5hp briggs. so ill be looking for tec. h40 with lighting coil...OOUCH sounds like ill be spending some money! oh and i need a clutch cover.
tomas looking at your pics...looks like you guys are riding somewhere off 41 north of the river? let me know next ime you guys get together ill bring the powell out so you can look at it.