What's considered a clone motor?

What is considered a clone motor? I have a mini bike I want to fix up for the kids and need a motor for it. Maybe a 5 hp. What motor will I need as I understand I can't use just like a snow blower motor or tiller. I need something that's setup for stop and go throttle where like the ones I mentioned they are for a steady speed without throttling up and down. I understand they'll lean out. So,,,,what can I get that will work or get and modify myself? I see lots on ebay of what they call mini bike motors but were removed from tillers and blowers.
A clone engine is a copy of a honda OHV engine. They're are some good some bad ones. They're sold cheap everywhere. Pep Boys, Harbor Freight, etc. The engines you see off of tillers and snowbloweres are the same engines used on minibikes. The stock minis' engines had a throttle kit to hook your cable to. If you use a tiller engine, all you do is make a connector to hook your cable to the throttle, and put a small return spring to pull the throttle back. You would have to do the same with most clones.Some of the newer snowbloweres may be made to run at constant speed, but if it has an adjustable main jet screw, you're good to go. The main requirement is a 3/4 or 5/8" shaft with a 3/16 keyway, to install a clutch on.
The briggs with the vacu-jet or pulsa-jets work fine. Check out the photos, you'll see them all over. Tecumseh used the bowl type. My Boonie has 5hp Briggs tiller engine,as does my build off mini, and a few others. Edgers and pressure washers are other good sources. I got a freebe pressure washer with a bad pump a couple of months ago, but it had a great 6.5 Briggs Intek.


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This is what the bottom of the carb should look like (on a Tecumseh and some Briggs). If there is just a bolt holding the bowl on, more than likely you wont be able to use the engine for a mini bike.
Briggs engines with the carb on the gas tank work really good. Like jimh said you just need to hook up to the throttle control and have a return spring.