Worth It?

I got this frame for my boys but, as I look at it, this might be more here than I want to mess with at the moment. My question is: is this anything worthwhile (rare, special, etc) that I really should be worried about before/if I hack it up? The handlebars have been bent and poorly welded, one of the front forks is bent (tube partially collapsed), and a rear wheel adjuster is missing a finger. I'll be happy to look for manufacturer model or serial if someone can tell me where to scrape off the paint. For reference, the engine is from 1974 but I'm not sure it's original. Thanks.


Sure it's worth it, especially if you get your boys to help with it. Gives them ownership, pride self-esteem and builds memories with dad that will be passed into their generation!

Just watch out for Car Number Three... lol ;)